Ann Titus wins the BASE CAMP AWARDS at Huskies Tackle Exciting PEAK Projects for Fall of 2023

Ann Titus COE’26, “Loading of Paclitaxel in the Lamellar Phase of a Nonionic Surfactant and Drug Delivery Applications: Monte Carlo Simulation”

The purpose of this project is to find an optimized structure where Paclitaxel, a cancer drug is loaded into the bilayer of surfactant. Surfactant can help to carry the drug to the lungs which is where drug delivery is involved, for this project, this drug treats lung cancer and surfactant is found in the lungs. Monte Carlo simulations, a computational method will be used to model and analyze the data. There will be a configuration with the lowest free energy value, meaning it is the most optimal. The results will be shared at internal/external conferences and will be published.

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